Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back again!

Wow i've been gone for a long time! Just finished another MS ride and a 3 day ride for the Police Unity Tour back in May. Practice has slowed down a bit because I'd been doing training rides but hopefully we'll get going again. The main problem is getting folks to come to class on a regular basis. I'm getting away from the padded swords. They're fun to spar with but just don't hold up to the abuse. I'm trying to keep the cost of things low so I can get more people to practice. I'd love to train with steel wasters but the cost of steel and the armor to go with it puts it out of most of my students price range. I think synthetic is the way to go for now. Our core group bought five nylon wasters from Dwarven Smithy http://web.emerytelcom.net/users/blhunt/longsword.htm and they are great for practice with a good weight and feel. A litle stout for working without heavier armor. I recently purchased two wasters from The Cult of Athena http://kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=600874 These are made in England and are very nice. Lighter then a steel sword with good flex and feel. These take much less armor to work with. More to follow!