Saturday, February 8, 2014

HEMA training in San Diego

It's been a good week for me down in San Diego! Thursday I trained with Scott Farrell and his crew at Swords of Chivalry.
I learned some German drills and they let me spar with longsword and sword & Buckler.

Then today I trained for four hours with Brian Stokes of Schola San Marco and his crew.
Brian has really broken down Fiore and continues to amaze me with his extrapolations.  By careful study he shows how the paintings show exactly how to place your feet, the angle of your hips, even how putting your little finger behind the hilt on a certain technique affects your balance and strength!  He has hired guys with PHD's in medieval Italian to translate the original manuals to make sure of the meaning!

My main problem is that I don't make it to KRON in time to learn the techniques and I don't take the time to really study the material.  Jason Taylor has time free during the week and I'm going to try and take advantage of that to become a better technician.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

KRON High Desert

The last two classes I've taught hanbo techniques.  The hanbo is a Japanese weapon.  A short staff about 3 feet long.  Very useful and works well into cane work.
Today though I taught sword and buckler.  We covered the basic wards and cuts from the I.33 medieval fechtbuch.
The news though is that we are officially starting KRON High Desert!  Part of KRON Martial Arts which is a member of the HEMA Alliance.