Thursday, June 19, 2014

CombatCon 2014

A great weekend in Vegas!  Met old friends and made new ones, took some very interesting classes and made it to the finals in the long sword tournament!  Got in late Thursday night (almost Friday morning).  Friday morning I took a bowie knife class from Steve Huff.  The bowie is a very useful tool.  I'd like to train in it more.  That and tomahawk.
Then it was off to get ready for the Longsword tournament.  There were 8 pools.  My pool had Wayne Heinz, Keith Jennings and Jordan Hinckley.
Here is my match against Jennings;
Against Hinckley;
Against Heinz;
I beat Jennings and Hinckley so I made it to the finals!
Then there was the sword and buckler.
Against Brian Stewart;
Against Jerzy Mi (Miklaszewski);
Against Lindsay Victoria Goodwin;
I did not progress
Saturday I took Italian Cane from Paul Macdonald.  Very similar to the French La Canne.  Then on to Against Knife and Dagger with Mishael Abia Lopes Cardoza and Maestro Paul Macdonald.  Practical, combat oriented techniques.  They also showed how you can grab the blade hard and it won't cut you.  After lunch Jonathan and I just walked around talking to people and watching the rapier tournament.
Sunday morning I took Irish Stickfighting followed by Russian Fisticuffs.  Both taught by Ken Pfrenger.  In the fisticuffs we focused a lot on the rounding blow.  It's a type of whipping strike that hits as either a backfist or strike with the bottom three knuckles.  More range than a hook.
Then off to the longsword finals.  First match against John Knoch;
I lost so I was out.  John fought Dennis Ljungqvist and lost.  Dennis fought Richard Marsden and won the tourney.
Said my goodbyes, packed up the car and drove back to California.  The tourneys are fun and I do better each time....but then I miss classes I'd like to take!