Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back from CombatCon!

On Friday I took a Backsword Intensive class with Maestro Paul MacDonald , a Whip Master class from Anthony De Longis and a Longsword for Competition class from Lee Smith, head of
On Saturday I took "Entering into the Fight & Infighting at Longsword" with Steaphen Fick of , Mishael Abia Lopes Cardoza of
 and Lee Smith. Then "Bartitsu: The Lost Art of Sherlock Holmes" with Tony Wolf of
 and finished with "Get Medieval on Your @$$: WMA for Modern Self Defense" with Mishael Abia lopes Cardoza, Maestro Paul MacDonald and Steve Huff of Historical Martial Study Society. Later that night I competed in the Unarmored Longsword Tournament. Won my first match, lost my second...had fun!
On Sunday I took "Military Knife Quick Kills" followed by "Unarmed vs Knife" both with Hock Hochheim of then "The Footpad and the Cane" with Ken Pfrenger
 "Get in there: Fighting at Half Sword' with Steaphen Fick followed by "Bowies, Brawling & Cane: Fighting in the Old West" with Anthony De Longis, Steve Huff and Tim Ruzicki of The Seattle Pugilist Club
. I'd planned of taking another whip class with Mr. De Longis but decided we needed to get on home. I'll talk more about each of the classes and post some video as well.