Tuesday, November 27, 2012


SO I'm still working on getting pictures and videos put together from CombatCon.  I edited everything from Paul MacDonald's class but he did not give me permission to post them.  I can understand since his was an extra class that we paid for.  I really liked the Scottish sword so I've signed up with the "Cateran Society"  http://www.cateransociety.com/ It's learning by correspondence but the book "Broadsword Academy" http://www.lulu.com/shop/christopher-scott-thompson/broadsword-academy/paperback/product-18780493.html;jsessionid=90441C2F8A564E85FA8E5C9F3C06E74A is very well written and is augmented by online videos.  I hope to be hooking up with a guy near by that studies with a broadsword group.
  KRON had the first HEMA event in SoCal on November 10th and 11th.  I took Mark Duncan, Dave Cullen and Eric and Norvia Kilpatrick down to participate.  There were a number of great classes including Ringen, sword vs knife, saber, rapier, etc.  I taught a pressure point class and helped Jonathon Mayshar teach a class on axes, maces and other implements of destruction.  We had participants from all over California, Nevada and Arizona.  Dave stayed behind with his brother's family and the rest of us went home Saturday night.  Dave participated in the tournament Sunday night.  The plan is to hold these on a regular basis and hopefully have the tournament on Saturday night.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back from CombatCon!

On Friday I took a Backsword Intensive class with Maestro Paul MacDonald http://www.macdonaldarms.com/armoury/ , a Whip Master class from Anthony De Longis http://www.delongis.com/Index.html and a Longsword for Competition class from Lee Smith, head of http://bloodandiron.ca/.
On Saturday I took "Entering into the Fight & Infighting at Longsword" with Steaphen Fick of http://swordfightingschool.com/ , Mishael Abia Lopes Cardoza of http://www.zwaardvechten.nl/content.php
 and Lee Smith. Then "Bartitsu: The Lost Art of Sherlock Holmes" with Tony Wolf of http://tonywolfsystem.com/bartitsu-classes-in-chicago/
 and finished with "Get Medieval on Your @$$: WMA for Modern Self Defense" with Mishael Abia lopes Cardoza, Maestro Paul MacDonald and Steve Huff of Historical Martial Study Society. Later that night I competed in the Unarmored Longsword Tournament. Won my first match, lost my second...had fun!
On Sunday I took "Military Knife Quick Kills" followed by "Unarmed vs Knife" both with Hock Hochheim of http://hockscqc.com/ then "The Footpad and the Cane" with Ken Pfrenger http://artofcombat.org/Convention/BioKP.htm.
 "Get in there: Fighting at Half Sword' with Steaphen Fick followed by "Bowies, Brawling & Cane: Fighting in the Old West" with Anthony De Longis, Steve Huff and Tim Ruzicki of The Seattle Pugilist Club http://artofcombat.org/Convention/BioTR.htm
. I'd planned of taking another whip class with Mr. De Longis but decided we needed to get on home. I'll talk more about each of the classes and post some video as well.

Monday, May 14, 2012

News and more

I haven't been having regular classes for awhile.  My Saturday schedules have been busy.  Now I've been having classes in the late afternoon as opposed to the morning.  Still having fun with the KRON group and learning a lot.  (http://www.kronmartialarts.com/)  CombatCon (http://thecombatcon.com/) is coming around again in July.  Besides the sword classes, I'll be taking a bullwhip class from Anthony DeLongis (http://thecombatcon.com/special-guests/anthony-delongis-wma) and have already ordered a bullwhip from (http://www.adkinsbullwhips.com/default.html).  Bullwhips aren't exactly medieval but I've wanted to learn how to use one since a guy put on a demo at my elementary school in Cottonwood, AZ.  I'll post a picture when I get it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

new swords

So I finally got the Penti III wasters I've been waiting for!  http://www.woodenswords.com/WMA/synthetic.LS.typeIII.htm  Nicely balanced and a very good feel.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Armor research

Doing research into thinner armor and hand protection. Existing riot armor would be great but still pretty expensive. This suit would be ideal for plastic, wooden and possibly steel swords but at $600 or more it's a bit much for the average combatant. The "motorcycle style" riot helmet would also possibly work. We need to have one donated to test! It would certainly be intimidating. Some of the newer padding with a plastic shell should be enough for gloves and armor that is thinner, lighter and will take a considerable amount of force.