Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching up!

Wow it's been a long tome since I've posted! Need to catch up. I've still been having Saturday classes at my house and attending the KRON get togethers (Classes) at Cal State Fullerton on Wednesday nights. A great group of people with a wealth of knowledge on HEMA. I've got a few videos of some of my sparring matches! 11/16/11 vs Jason 11/16/11 vs Jim 11/30/11 vsJasonwithflail

I've gotten a couple of new swords from Cold Steel. They had their annual parking lot sale and I picked up an 1860 Heavy Cavalry Sabre ( and a Scottish Broadsword ( I paid $175.00 for both! Good quality, very sharp! I will do my best to stay more updated and give interesting news and facts. Happy New Year!

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