Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Padded longswords

Okay, here's another padded sword. This one is a long sword, patterned after a real one I have using approximately the same dimensions. Like the previous sword we use 3/4" schedule 40 PVC. For this one, you'll need: one 4' - 3/4" PVC and two 5" lengths of 3/4" PVC, one 4' -3/4" wood dowel, one 3/4" quad connecter and two 3/4" caps, 37" of pipe insulation, one chair leg cap, duct tape, electrical tape and sports wrap.

Cut the 4' PVC into two parts. The long end is 36" and the short end is 12". If you like the handle longer, start with a longer piece of PVC!
I used PVC cement to glue the vertical pieces into the quad connector. Put the caps on the ends of the 5" pieces and put them in the vertical holes. I didn't glue them in because it was a tight fit and if they break it will be easier to replace them.
I spray painted the cross hilt because I didn't want them white. All I had was green, your choice may vary! Put the insulation on using the same method as in the previous sword. Slide the wood dowel into the PVC. You'll find that there is now about a 1" space at the end. You can use a short piece of wood to make up the difference or even metal to help with the balance. Put the chair leg cap on and you're ready to tape. I find that if I overlap the duct tape it helps hold the insulation in place. Up one side and down the other, then repeat. Two passes will cover it well.
Use the electrical tape around the overlapped duct tape just above the cross hilt. You can use the electrical tape to wrap the handle or go to a sporting goods store and buy some sports wrap, the kind you'd use on a tennis racket handle. It makes for a very nice grip. And there you go, another training sword! Make sure you wear safety goggles at least, better to wear head protection as well. Have fun!

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