Monday, December 15, 2008


Another training tool I had from another martial art is the Sportswords. I'm not sure the company is still around, I couldn't find it on the internet. After awhile the original insides broke and I've had to fix them. I'm going to show you how I do it so you can make your own.
This is a previously repaired sportsword. It's 36" in overall length with the tsuka or handle being 13" and the "blade" being 23".

Here you can see what I use to repair the broken one. I have a 36" 3/4" PVC and a 36" wood dowel that slides inside. Then I use pipe insulation cut 24"

At the end of the insulation I pinch the ends together and use duct tape to seal it.

Then I pinch the other sides in and tape again. This give a rounded, padded end to the sword.

Next I slide the cloth cover over the insulation. You can use duct tape. Then I put the tsuba or guard on. Sportswords had their own made but you can use a large rubber washer or anything else that will fit.

Last I wrap the handle. You can use electrical tape, hockey tape or the wrap they use on tennis rackets. Last I put on the kashira or pommel. This one is a rubber chair leg tip.

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